Tuesday, September 16, 2008

A bouquet of flowers

At the start of this journey I was very aprehensive and doubted if I would be able to complete the exercises. I've always said that I found computers and what they had to offer a challenge. I'm thrilled to be at exercise 23 and suprised to have found most of it so enjoyable.
My favourites exercises/sites were Image Chef, Facebook, Podcasts, You tube & I'm pleased to be able to upload photos now.
Rollo was probably my least favourite and as mentioned in the blog at the time I got frustrated with not being able to do the RSS link on the podcasts (I plan to go back and try that again with the instructions that are now at the end of the exercises).
I'm looking forward to trying Zoho more as it has so much to offer and I couldn't justify spending any more time exploring it while working through the exercises.
I won't use all my new found skills again, some of them still daunt me, but... I know they are there and I know what is available. However some of the things I have learnt I will continue to use daily, simple things like G-mail, blogging - things I've been introduced to through this programme.
The bouquet of flowers are for Kathy, Karen and Hantie for supervising this programme, and to Sarah, Paul and Lorinda who were happy to share their experiences with me. I'm off to make some comments on other peoples sites, I know how exciting it is to get a new comment! Thanks again - it's been great!


NSL Learning 2.0 team said...

It was great reading your blog throughout this journey. Loved the crochet pictures!

SoAndSo said...

Yeah, can't believe im saying this: great crochet.

However, that sammy one, i still think he's very louche.

Aunty of 3 said...

You did all the hard yards yourself...so well done you! It's been a pleasure to have shared your Web 2 journey...

Miss Frazzled said...

Yes, you put in the hard work so congratulations on finishing the programme! :D Thanks for your thanks =)

Teddy Bear said...

Hello zipperty -doo-dah.
This is Teddy Bear thanking your for your comments. Much appreciated and I have enjoyed reading through your blog and marvelling at the crochet works! I am going back to some of the sites that I skimmed over and trying to do them in depth!! Am I mad or what!!

lupi not the olive oil said...

Hello Zipperty-Doo-Dah.
Now that the programme has come to an end (big sigh of relief) - what will we do with our time?? I've got time to come back and explore your blog at my leisure, now though, and catch up with all your clever work that I barely glanced at over the last weeks - and FINALLY make a comment! I loved all the amazing arty-crafty things you gave us, and great comments - very apt and to the point! And who could go past those "Fighting Pirates" - what a production.
Beautiful handiwork in that blanket too - do you do commissions?
SO ... what will be keeping you busy now???