Sunday, September 7, 2008

You tube again...and yet again...

I enjoyed the Library videos, it's hard to know if non-librarians would enjoy them or find them a bit twee? Being a keen watcher of the Amazing Race the Amazing 101 Library Challenge tickled my fancy, but viewers may find it a bit infuriating - a fine line.
I also looked up video's on crochet as a comparison but they were probably some of the most boring videos I've ever seen,they made the library ones seem wonderful.
I think there would be scope for us to have videos of Rhymetime on You Tube. It would let the borrowers see what is on offer for pre-schoolers at our libraries. We have some non english speaking adults that attend Rhymetime without children as an aid to learn english. I always think how bizarre that they probably can't speak enough english to ask for groceries but would be able to sing an entire line up of nursery rhymes and songs. A video of Rhymetime would cater for them as well.

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